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We are launching a new concept to help build your own Aluminium Conveyors with our KIT CONVEYOR PARTS. It is something we are really excited about and feel is missing on the UK market. Let us help you along the way.


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DIY Aluminium Conveyor Kits Parts

This site will give you the ability to buy some or all of the parts to build your own aluminium conveyor DIY style. We have a range of sizes which we feel are the most desirable for our customers. Straight forward with no confusion or fuss. Page Updated on 30-jul-18

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You can buy part-assembled kits for you to assemble in your premises. However if you feel this is a little beyond your capabilities we offer a service to build the conveyor for you at an additional cost of course. Watch our easy to build conveyor on our page below.

How to Build your own Belt Conveyor

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Kits to make Aluminium Conveyors

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The Kit Conveyor website is the ultimate guide to DIY Conveyors. Components have carefully been selected allowing you to build you own aluminium conveyor, giving you the ultimate satisfaction of knowing how it works.  An added advantage of knowing the technical data is if you have a breakdown situation you will be able to fix it yourself thus not wasting money on an engineer’s visit.


This Kits do not come with any other parts if you require the belts, motors, aluminium extrude or feet these must be purchased separately. But Yes we can supply everything you need.

How to build a belt conveyor with Kit parts

Cheap conveyors with aluminium extrude

50 Range includes Idler & Drive Assemblies

The concept of the Kit is for you to assemble to your own aluminium extrude

What are the Optional Widths :

  • Width 100mm
  • Width 200mm
  • Width 300mm
  • Width 400mm

Using 50mm Dia Drums


Conveyor kit 50mm ends

1 off Idler Assembly Conveyor Kit

End 50

1 off Drive End Assembly Conveyor Kit


95 Range includes Idler & Drive Assemblies

The concept of the Conveyor Kits is for you to assemble to your own aluminium extrude

What are the Optional Widths :

  • Width 500mm
  • Width 600mm

Using 100mm Dia Drums


conveyor kit 95 range

1 off idler assembly


kit conveyors 95 range

1 off drive end assembly

What's in the Conveyor Kit

The Conveyor Kits come in 2 semi-assembled units which include the 1 idler and 1 drive assembly as per the above to illustrations for you to fit to your own aluminium extrude.

Optional Equipment includes:

  • Aluminum Profile Lengths
  • Motors
  • Belts
  • Feet


    The kits come in a semi-assemble unit you can buy the idler and drive drums on their own and fit you your own aluminium extrude or you can buy additional parts to include

    • Aluminum Profile Lengths 1,2,3,4,5,and 6metres
    • Motors
    • Belts