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Aluminium Extude Conveyors

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Our conveyors are fabricated with aluminium profile and are built with quality in mind; supplied with various options. Aluminium profile conveyors are the cheapest type of conveying on the market. This does not mean that quality is an issue they are built to last and are extremely robust making them ideal for many application.

Aluminium Conveyor


Aluminium Profile Conveyor Options

  • Widths can be 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm
  • Length can be as required by customer
  • Optional adjustable feet or casters
  • Can be variable or fixed speed
  • You will need an inverter for variable speed which also allows a traditional 3 pin plug and play
  • Adjustable leg brackets allowing a small degree of incline at no extra cost
  • Side guides are an optional extra


Aluminium Profile Conveyor


Cheap Conveyors


Kit Conveyors in Aluminium Profile

Why use Us

  1. We are a reliable company that offer a great customer service.
  2. We hold some stock items so able to offer fast delivery of pre built conveyors
  3. We rent our small conveyors for tv adverts and photo shoots
  4. You have OPTIONS ....



This is a quick and easy video guide to show you how easy it is to build your own aluminium conveyor this is our mini range and is 200mm wide this is a fixed speed with side guides.

Of course this can be supplied in an optional kit form but you can just buy the complete conveyor.


You can buy some or all of the parts using our conveyor kit packs and save on costs Check our page out on How to build a conveyor belt

Please contact us for more information



Aluminium Conveyors for quick application and install.

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