Conveyor Widths 500mm & 600mm






Drive End with 100mm Drum

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Conveyor Kit Width 500mm & 600mm

This range of kits are available with drum size 100mm with widths being offered

  • 500mm
  • 600mm

Low Cost 100mm Drums in our Mid to Max Range

These self assemble conveyors are medium duty and low cost ideal for those on a budget that can build their own conveyor using KIT CONVEYOR parts

For more information please call us on

01908 618145

We are based in the UK


Please contact us for more information at info@kit-conveyors.co.uk



How to Assemble a Conveyor Drive Drum with Kit Conveyors


100mm drive drum end

You have now built your drive and idler drums want to see how to build your conveyor then go to our How to Built a Conveyor page...


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